Our company, through its family of closely owned entities, has developed, built, managed, and wholly owned over 6 million square feet of real estate throughout much of the United States.

Our core values drive our results

Accurate attention to detail

How we do anything is how we do everything. And we are emphatic about quality in every detail.

A “hands-on” management style

Management is more than just a hierarchy. It’s understanding motivations and transforming them into results.

Efficient resource management

Vertical integration means control at every stage of development, which means more efficient use of resources.

Pride in work done well

Building a portfolio everyone is proud of is fundamental to excellent performance on project after project.

Respect for our heritage

We’ve established of our reputation and credibility over the past 4 generations, and we strive to continually add to that heritage.

Ethical practices

We hold ethical and sustainable practices as central to each stage of development for every project we complete.

Proactive problem solving

We believe in solve problems swiftly before they slow down the development process. We embrace these values so much that they are woven into everything we do.

A drive to innovate

Using our low-risk vertically integrated model, we are able take advantage of more opportunities and push the boundary of what’s possible.

Entrepreneurial decision making

With mastery in every stage of development, we are still lean enough to pivot and adapt when a better solution presents itself.