Sanjay Devarakonda

Director of Capital Markets

Sanjay Devarakonda joined the NPI team in 2015 and now serves as the Director of Capital Markets. He is responsible for the financial underwriting for projects and works with the President and Managing Partners in debt and equity capital raising.  Before NPI, Sanjay was a Financial Analyst at Rialto Capital Management and worked in the Special Servicing division to underwrite CMBS deals and service loan consents.  Even prior, he was a Water Resources Engineer at Inwood Consulting where he designed storm water mitigation and retention systems across Florida.

Sanjay’s background in engineering and finance has provided him the analytical and problem solving skill set necessary for success.  This coupled with his knowledge of the real estate market and his technical skills makes him a valuable asset to the NPI team.

Sanjay holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and a MBA, with a concentration in Real Estate and Finance, from the University of Miami.