Our core values drive our results

Drawing on four generations of construction and development expertise, NP International
continues to rely on the same core values that have consistently led to its success.

Crafting Meaningful Experiences

We build with the intent to curate purposeful experiences for our residents, guests, and neighboring communities. Our developments are designed to create meaningful interaction and a sense of home no matter where you are.

Staying Involved

We believe it is essential to remain an active contributor in our developments, even after we are done building. We make sure we are present with the people who matter so that we understand their needs and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Delivering on Our Promises

We show not tell, so that our authentic expertise can shine. When we commit to a project, we see it through so we can drive toward success.

Always Looking Forward

We consistently work to find innovative answers to the challenges of modern real estate development. We rethink current concepts to create new value where it otherwise might be overlooked.

Being Sincere & Transparent

We pride ourselves on being open and behaving ethically in every interaction so that we can inspire trust in everyone we do business with.

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Vertical integration combined with 4 generations of experience.

NP-International’s success in building both projects and businesses from the ground up has been the catalyst for long term success and notable accomplishments such as becoming one of the largest privately held self-storage operators in the country and creating an recognized boutique hotel brand that has received international recognition by known venues such as CNN and numerous awards year over year since opening. By 2006 our portfolio included over 75 properties in 9 different US regions with a primary focus on urban infill, mixed-use, and hospitality projects.


We build structures to withstand the test of time, with timely scheduling, precise budgeting, creative value engineering, hands-on supervision, detailed reporting, strict quality control, on-time and on-budget delivery.


We specialize in a number of different types of development, although our expertise lies in commercial, light industrial, hospitality, mixed-use, residential, and historical restoration.


Experts in asset management, property management, and leasing. From due diligence and portfolio analysis to daily operations and accounting, to brand building and market research.


Our projects and vision

We do more than just create new real estate. We create new experiences. A new structure does not exist in a vacuum; it is steeped in local culture. We work with this fact to create spaces that ethically and sustainably add to the local experience.

Our Team

Vertical integration requires experts in every step of construction and development, and NP International has the team to match. From analysis to legal to financing, our team is what allows us to mitigate risk while at the same time staying on-budget and on-track.


With over 30 years experience owning and operating a successful real estate development company, Charles Nolan has overseen the construction/development of nearly 4 million square feet of the company’s diverse portfolio.


As CEO and Managing Partner of Nolan Partners International, Brent is primarily responsible for the firm’s strategic growth and development activities along the East Coast of the United States and throughout Latin America.